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March, 2023

Dr. Sophia Albott was named to the Mpls StPaul Magazine’s Top Doctors Rising Stars list for 2023! According to this M Health press release about the honor, “They’re doctors ready to grow with patients and the changing landscape: translating technological innovation into improved care delivery, bringing leading-edge treatment directly to our clinics and hospitals, and adapting to provide quality, personalized healthcare for the 21st century.”

Times Magazine


Time Magazine highlights Dr. Sophia Albott in which she recognizes the difficulty, but importance in having difficult conversations with friends and family. 

Star Tribune


The Star Tribune showcases Dr. Sophia Albott's expertise discussing how to manage the inconsistencies that COVID-19 brings to our lives.

PTSD and Ketamine UMN


The University of Minnesota highlights the impact Dr. Sophia Albott and the RISE lab has in advancing treatment option for PTSD.



The University of Minnesota Alum Association highlights Alum, Dr. Sophia Albott, mentioning the treatment options for individuals with treatment resistant depression including transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), medication, and therapy. 



MINNPOST features Dr. Sophia Albott discussing the barriers individuals with schizophrenia encounter in accessing COVID-19 vaccines.

Today's Hospital


Today's Hospital explores the Battle Buddies program, developed in collaboration with Dr. Sophia Albott, which emphasizes community and connection amongst healthcare workers to prevent shouldering the stressful and quiet moments alone.

TMS Society Grand Round


Dr. Sophia Albott was invited to present for the Clinical TMS society Grand Rounds "Combination Treatment with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Ketamine for Treatment - resistant Depression". 


Battle Buddies Article

The University of Minnesota Medical School highlights a multidisciplinary effort, of which Dr. Albott leads, to reduce burnout and increase resiliency amongst healthcare workers.